5 Super Trippy Nursery Rhyme Videos on YouTube

If the existence of Teletubbies isn’t enough to convince you of the wonderful weirdness of kids entertainment, I have just the nursery rhyme videos list to Hulk smash it home for ya.

It did come as a big, although ultimately not very, surprise to me that nursery rhymes are among the most watched videos on YouTube.

I guess it was only a matter of time before some of the most popular characters on the planet got in on the (unlicensed) action.

From the YouTube channel, Super Hero Kids Rhymes, I present to you…

5 Super Trippy Nursery Rhymes Videos on YouTube (Anymore and You May Need Psychiatric Treatment.)

1 – Incredible Hulk Dancing Compilation

Since I had already mentioned the Hulk already, let’s kick off this list with this video starring our favorite angry green hero, The Incredible Hulk… who is incredibly dancing and singing his way into the WTF? center of our brains.

I don’t think any of us have really lived until experiencing The Incredible Hulk shout, “Hooray!” while dancing to If You’re Happy and You Know It.

2 – Finger Family Nursery Rhyme

Continuing on with the Incredible Hulk theme, it seems somehow Hulk and his family (?) have been recruited to teach kids about the hand and fingers.

I’m not convinced that this is as educational as intended… traumatic is more like it.

I don’t think I can ever unsee Mrs Hulk (who incidentally and confusingly looks like Princess Fiona from Shrek) growing out of an index finger.

3 – Johny Johny Yes Papa Rhymes for Children Hulk Cartoons for Kids

This channel seems to have found a hit star in the Incredible Hulk starring in these really freaky kids cartoons.

Here, the Hulk and Johny sing together a nursery rhyme about a papa asking his son, Johny, if he had eaten sugar.

In case, you’d like the lyrics to this nursery rhyme, here they are:

Johny Johny
Yes Papa,
Eating sugar?
No Papa
Telling lies?
No Papa
Open your mouth
Ha! Ha! Ha!

If you can see my face in this moment, you would see WTF perfectly exemplified on a human face.

4 – Funny SuperHeroes Movie

Technically, this not a video featuring nursery rhymes, but it does feature other super heroes starting with your friendly neighborhood Spider-man slipping on a banana peel… followed by some of this other friends… who then all end up in the hospital as a result of slip on said banana peel…

Oh, you just have to see it to believe it:

If you can hang in and keep watching this thing through, you’ll also be treated to Spider-man, Hulk and what looks to be Batman getting their eat-on, and then by one by one needing to relieve themselves in an outhouse  due to upset tummys while there’s a laugh track seemingly ridiculing them.

It’s comic gold, I tell ya!  Over 12 million views can’t be wrong… right?

5 – Spiderman Incy Wincy Spider

Well, duh!  What would a superhero nursery rhyme list be without multi-colored Spider-men dancing to Incy Wincy Spider?

Of course, I’ve always known this particular nursery rhyme as ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’, but it turns out that it’s also known as Incy Wincy as well.  It IS educational!

It also seems that Spider-man and the Hulk have the same dance influences as their moves are suspiciously very similar.

Keep watching this video and you’ll be treated to other nursery rhymes featuring good ol’ Spidey and his funktastic dance moves.

Were you aware of super heroes helping to bring nursery rhymes to life?  If you know of others, share them with us below!