About Me

meCall me Em.  And I’m pretty silly.  Or mostly silly.  But I called this site: “Truly Silly” because… why not?

Well, because let’s face it, life is truly silly.

There’s so many of us who take things so seriously, and I wanted to carve a littlest of corners of the interwebs where I share my thoughts and interests that will hopefully help to bring a smile to your face.

There might not always be focus or sense to what you’ll find on this site.

But whatever you do find, I hope it’s enjoyable and you’ll leave having learned a thing or two, or at least feeling a bit lighter.

There’s so much in the world that can be cynical, mean or divisive, but that’s not what I want you to find here.  Sure, I can be sarcastic, but hopefully never in a way that can ever be seen as hurtful.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!  If you like what you see, I’d love to hear from you.  Don’t be shy!  😉

I also have a lot of other interests and passions.  Here are some:

  • my lovely and loving husband
  • my lovely and self-loving cat babies
  • taking copious number of said cat pictures
  • gratitude believer
  • creative introvert
  • striving wordsmither
  • doing a ton of seemingly irrelevant online research
  • comedy nerd
  • mac fan
  • wannabe singer, especially on singstar
  • major league baseball uber follower (#gojaysgo)
  • podcasts (wtf, bill burr, nerdist, tim ferriss, james altucher, savage lovecast…)
  • prolific audiobook listener
  • self-improvement, development… anything that has anything to do with growth
  • ‘so you think you can dance’ fan
  • ‘top chef’ and ‘master chef’ fan
  • shameless las vegas obsessor
  • wannabe new yorker
  • believer that i can have viable and successful online businesses
  • food lover
  • sugar addict
  • animated movie cryer
  • documentary junkie
  • websites builder
  • cruiser (by this i mean i like to cruise… i mean go cruising… what i really mean is that i like to get on a giant boat, eat and drink copiously, and relax.)
  • dedicated viewer of the ‘old people’s show’ (aka ‘cbs sunday morning’… i started watching it as a youngster, but i am quickly becoming their target demographic.)

I’ve no doubt that this list will keep growing.

Thank you so much for visiting!