Cat Translator? Yup, Finally Know What Your Cat is Saying!

Technology has given us a ton of crap that we could really do without.

But for the first time in history, we’re blessed with a fantastic leap forward in human-feline relations.

Announcing: Catterbox!

Yes, that’s right!  The world’s first talking cat collar!

At first, I was surprised that the innovative folks of my homeland (Japan) hadn’t gotten to it first.

Until I found out that there was actually a Japanese device called Meowlingual Cat Translation Device, which for our purposes, also requires translation from Japanese.

Hmmm… Temptations cat treats?

Ooooooh… I got a sinking feeling…

Yeah, it turns out that this ‘Catterbox’ is brought to you by Temptations cat treats and these vids were created by a British ad agency.

But it’s still unclear whether this is an actual product, a jokey item or just something just created for the sake of these YouTube videos.

Will keep you posted!