Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time — You’ll Never Guess #10

top 10 most watched youtube vids of all timeI had one of those days where I just sat and watched video after video on YouTube, and somewhere into my… um… well, let’s say it was a long time…  long enough for me to start wondering, “What are the most viewed videos of all time?”

So I did what any respectable curious person does: I Googled it and to save you the work, here they all are!

Bet you’ll be as surprised by some of these as I was… especially #10.

#1 – PSY – Gangnam Style

Coming in at well over TWO BILLION views on YouTube, PSY’s extremely catchy Gangnam Style was released in 2012 and the rest, as they say, is history.

DID YOU KNOW? Gangnam Style was so popular on YouTube that it BROKE the site by exceeding the site’s previous counter limits.

Before breaking YouTube, the PSY’s video was the first video to hit both one billion and two billion views.

#2 – Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth

Since See You Again was posted on YouTube back in April, 2015, it has shot up in views racking up over ONE BILLION views.

The song is a beautifully touching tribute to The Fast & The Furious‘ last actor, Paul Walker, and is also the first hip hop video to hit over a billion views.

DID YOU KNOW? Wiz Khalifa is a stage name coming from khalifa meaning ‘successor’ in Arabic and Wiz shortened from wisdom.

#3 – Taylor Swift – Blank Space

From Taylor’s first purely gangbuster pop album, 1989, Blank Space has shot up the YouTube charts and currently sits at third most viewed video of all time at over ONE BILLION views.

Released in 2014, Blank Space has collected a boatload of awards and accolades including MTV Music Video Awards, iHeartRadio Music Award, and an American Music Award.

DID YOU KNOW? Not only did Taylor host Saturday Night Live, she was also the first in SNL’s history to also write her own monologue.  Isn’t there nothing Taylor can’t do?

#4 – Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

Following closely behind Taylor’s Blank Space is Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars, at over 1.5 billion views.

Off of British producer Mark’s fourth studio album, Uptown Special, Uptown Funk marks the fourth time he’s worked with all star performer, Bruno Mars.

DID YOU KNOW? It took Mark Ronson collaborating with Bruno Mars over six months and 56 versions to complete Uptown Funk.  During that time, Mark ended up getting so stressed that he lost about an inch off his hairline and ended up collapsing!

#5 – Adele – Hello

Searing up the YouTube charts and still climbing since Hello was uploaded in late October, 2015, Adele’s video is gaining on 1.5 billion views.

The first single from Adele’s third studio album, 25, Hello debuted on top of Billboard’s Hot 100 being the first song ever to sell over one million digital copies in one week.

DID YOU KNOW? Adele’s middle name is Blue because of her father’s love of blues music.  Talk about prophetic.

#6 – Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Wow Taylor, yet another showing on the most viewed videos on YouTube… which means that Taylor actually has combined views of multiple BILLIONS!  Can you imagine being viewed billions of times?

Shake It Off is dedicated to Taylor haters saying in an NPR interview, “I really wanted to kind of take back the narrative, and have more of a sense of humor about people who kind of get under my skin — and not let them get under my skin.”

DID YOU KNOW? Taylor really enjoyed making the video for Shake It Off even though she couldn’t twerking down, “We had twerking, which was so funny. Those girls were trying to teach me how, and it’s just never gonna happen. I tried really hard. They were teaching me what they do, and there’s like a science to it – they’re like digging their heels into the floor without you seeing their legs move, but their butts’ moving. It’s mind-blowing to me.”

#7 – Enrique Iglesias – Bailando ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona

Uploaded in 2014 and from the album, Sex and Love, Enrique Iglesias’ booty shaking worthy video for Bailando has well over one billion views.

Bailando means ‘dancing’ in Spanish and has four versions of the song that’s been released: the original Spanish version, a Spanglish version with Sean Paul, a Portuguese version for the Brazilian market with Luan Santana and a Portuguese version featuring Portuguese singer Mickael Carreira.

DID YOU KNOW? Born in 1975, Enrique clocks in as the oldest member of YouTube’s most viewed club and he dedicated his first album to his childhood nanny, Elvira Olivares.

#8 – Katy Perry – Dark Horse ft. Juicy J

Still going strong after being released in February, 2014, Katy Perry’s Dark Horse is still in the top 10 with well over one billion views.

Katy wrote Dark Horse and it’s style has been described as a “Southern rap-techno mashup”.  Not only has Dark Horse been a smash hit on YouTube, the single has also sold over 13 million units making it the second most best-selling single in 2014.

DID YOU KNOW? Katy’s success in music and YouTube is far from her first album, a Christian gospel album, which sold only 200 copies!  A very, very, very, very far cry from her amazing success now.

#9 – Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris

Am I the only one that’s shocked that Justin Bieber’s video for Baby is still in the top 10 on YouTube even from the ancient era of 2010?!?  But the Bieb endures!  To date, Baby has gotten over 1.3 billion views… but has also received the most dislikes of any video on YouTube.

Baby was the first single from Justin’s debut album, My World 2.o.  At the time, he was really just a baby himself at the tender age of 16.   It’s only fitting, though, that Justin is on the list since it was because of his mother posting YouTube videos of him singing that he was discovered by a talent agent when he was only 12.  But yeah, I know you know that already.

DID YOU KNOW? With over 60 million followers on Twitter, Justin has more followers than the population of his homeland Canada.  Mindboggling.

But here’s something more mindboggling… if you can believe it.  #10 on this list IS NOT A MUSIC VIDEO.

Hang on to your hats… or maybe pacifier.

#10 – Wheels on the Bus Plus Lots More Nursery Rhymes – 54 Minutes Compilation from LittleBabyBum

Based on this list, it appears that a whole load of music lovers and a billion or so people trying to entertain their young ‘uns are YouTube’s ideal demographics.

But inquiring minds want to know, “Why this specific nursery rhyme video?”

First uploaded in 2014 by a UK-based education company called ‘Little Baby Bum’ has over 6 million YouTube subscribers and 7.5 billion total views.

While the company’s first video was uploaded in 2011, it was only after the longer form compilation video stringing together their previous videos so as to be convenient for parents to not have to keep pressing the play button.

DID YOU KNOW? Even though Wheels on the Bus comes in at #10 on this list, the Little Baby Bum channel is estimated to be the fourth most profitable on YouTube at $3,462,340.80.  Little Baby Bum was created by a young UK couple who started making the nursery rhyme videos for their youngest child, nicknamed ‘Little Baby Bum’, when they found that there were very few quality online nursery rhyme videos available for youngsters.

I gotta admit, this whole list was a big surprise for me.

Didn’t see it coming that the majority of the most viewed videos on YouTube would be music videos and that the one video that wasn’t would be one for nursery rhymes.

Is this the list you expected?  If not, what did you think would be in the top 10?